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Lungworms are nematode helminths that live in the alveoli, bronchioles, bronchi and trachea of cats and have been reported as causes of chronic respiratory and heart disease, including cor pulmonale.

Many affected cats are asymptomatic, whereas may others develop a dry cough or hemoptysis. This is one of the few causes of chronic coughing of cats and should be considered if the geographic area is endemic for feline lungworms.

Nematodes which have been recorded as parasitizing the lungs of cats include:

- Capillaria aerophilia
- Eucoleus aerophilus
- Oslerus rostratus
- Bronchostrongylus sucrenatus
- Aelurostrongylus abstrusus
- Paragonimus spp
- Troglostrongylus subcrenatus
- Strongyloides stercoralis
- Crenosoma spp
- Vogeloides spp