Carnassial tooth-root abscess

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The canine carnassial tooth (4th premolar) is the largest tooth in the upper jaw of the dog.

Abscesses of this tooth are relatively common due to the intense shear forces applied to this tooth when chewing bones. predisposition is observed in older dogs with chronic periodontitis.

Clinically affected dogs frequently present with orbital cellulitis, a draining abscess on the face directly below the eye and pain on chewing of food[1].

Oral examinations are frequently unrewarding and radiographs are required for a definitive diagnosis.

Treatment is usually curative with tooth extraction and application of a parenteral broad-spectrum antimicrobial such as enrofloxacin or amoxycillin/clavulanate.


  1. Neuman NB et al (1974) Chronic ocular discharge associated with a carnassial tooth abscess. Can Vet J 15(4):128