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Histopathological appearance of an odontogenic fibroma[1]
Splenic fibroma in a dog[2]

Fibroma is a benign neoplasm of the canine connective tissue.

These tumors are discrete, generally cellular proliferations of dermal fibroblasts and are usually non-invasive or metastatic.

Cutaneous fibromas are commonly reported in Doberman, Boxer and Golden Retriever breeds, mainly occurring on the head, mouth and extremities.

Variants include keloid fibroma, ameloblastic fibroma and desmoid-type fibromatosis[3].

Odontogenic ameloblastic fibromas are commonly reported in the oral cavity[4], external auditory canal[5], cranium[6]kidney, spleen[7], penis[8] and vagina[9].

Diagnosis is usually based on histological examination of biopsied material. Histologically, they resemble collagenous nevi or cutaneous tags.

A differential diagnosis would include dermoid cyst, acanthomatous ameloblastoma, fibrosarcoma, mast cell tumor and lipoma[10].

Surgical extirpation is usually required as they can grow quite large, and excision is usually curative.

The adjunct use of aglepristone has also been trialed successfully with vaginal fibromas.


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