Fox Terrier (Wire)

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The Fox Terrier breed is an English dog bred for hunting.

A "toy-type" and thick-coated animal, a Fox Terrier (Wire) commonly comes in white with black or tan markings. However, overall, white always predominate the other two colors. Genetically, Fox Terriers have random spot markings because of their alleles, which are sp (responsible for the spots) and sw (responsible for the extreme white).

The head of a Fox Terrier (Wire) often appear with a solid color. Sometimes, only half of the face are covered with color. The lips, noses, and pads always appear in black, nevertheless. Fox Terrier (Wire) is particularly distinct with its long face and short ears.

A Fox Terrier (Wire) usually weighs 16 to 18 lbs and is around 15.5" in height. Its frame generally consists of long legs, thin body, and short tail.

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