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hemangioma on the eyelid of a dog[1]
Epistaxis in a dog with a nasal hemangioma[2]

Hemangioma and hemangioendothelioma are a relatively benign neoplasia of canine capillaries in skin and soft tissue and often precursors of hemangiosarcomas.

Cutaneous hemangiomas are single to multiple, circumscribed 'blood blisters' (angiokeratomas) which may sometimes ulcerate.

These tumors commonly develop on the trunk and extremities in dogs, but have been reported in the tongue, intestines[3], liver, spleen, spinal cord[4], synovial tissue[5], brain[6], maxillary bone[7] and eye and ocular adnexal tissues[8].

Diagnosis can be tentatively based on visualization but confirmation requires histological analysis. Immunohistochemistry is also available.

A differential diagnosis would include mast cell tumor[9], hemangiosarcoma, peliosis hepatis and hemangiopericytoma. In dogs, hemangioma, like hemangiosarcoma, are associated with blood clotting disorders and may be related to underlying diseases such as immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, immune-mediated thrombocytopenia and infections with Ehrlichia spp and Bartonella henselae[10].

Treatment of cutaneous hemangiomas by surgical excision is usually curative in dogs.

Visceral hemangiomas can be more problematic, depending on their location. Surgical excision is usually required and due to the slow-progressive nature, may require radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy is considered less effective.


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