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Acute viral hepatitis in dogs
Biliary Cirrhosis showing end-stage disease with micronodules (open arrow). Extensive perivascular fibrosis (arrowhead) and dilated inspissated cystic areas (closed arrow) are seen at the hepatic hilum about 5-10 mm from remnants of the obstructed bile duct

Hepatitis in dogs has a number of causes, including:

  • Congenital liver disease
- Portosystemic shunt
- Congenital hepatic fibrosis
- Infectious canine hepatitis - canine adenovirus type 1
- Sarcocystis spp
- Flukes - Parametorchis complexus, Clonorchis sinensis, Opisthorchis spp, Metagonimus yokogawai
- Helicobacter spp
  • Cholangitis and Cholangiohepatitis
Biliary Cirrhosis
- Acidophil hepatitis
- Chronic Hepatitis of Bedlington Terriers
- Chronic Hepatitis of West Highland White Terriers
- Idiopathic Chronic Hepatitis
- Chronic Hepatitis of Doberman Pinschers
- Chronic Hepatitis of Skye Terriers and Cocker Spaniels
- Lobular Dissecting Hepatitis
  • Miscellaneous liver diseaes
- Hepatocutaneous Syndrome
- Hepatic Cysts and Nodular Hyperplasia
- Hepatic Neoplasia
- Glycogen Storage Disease
- Hepatic Amyloidosis
- Idiopathic Hepatic Fibrosis
  • Diseases of the Gallbladder and Extrabiliary System
- Cholecystitis
- Choleliths

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