Otitis externa

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Otitis externa refers to any inflammatory disease of the outer ear (pinna) or outer ear canal.

In dogs, common causes include:

- Staphylococcus pseudintermedius
- Pseudomonas aeruginosa
- Streptococcus canis
- Corynebacterium auriscanis
- Proteus mirabilis
- Malassezia pachydermatis
- Microsporum canis
- Aspergillus spp
- Penicillium spp

Clinically affected dogs present with head shaking, holding the affected ear down, pain of palpation of the ear and a characteristic malodor when the ear flap is raised.

Treatment usually requires irrigation of the ear with a suitable antimicrobial wash and use of broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs applied either topically and/or parenterally.

Complications include otitis media and aural hematoma.