Paraovarian cyst

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Paraovarian cyst diagnosed during routine ovariohysterectomy[1]

Paraovarian cysts are a benign cystic structure of the canine ovary often seen in association with granulosa cell tumors and ovarian remnant syndrome[2].

These cysts can form as paramesonephric duct cysts, mesonephric duct cysts and mesonephric tubule cysts.

Clinical symptoms are often nonspecific and may include persistent estrus, abdominal pain and a palpable mass in the central abdomen[3].

A presumptive diagnosis is usually achieved with abdominal ultrasonography, showing a mass lesion effect.

A definitive diagnosis includes hydrosalpynx, cystadenoma, ovarian teratomas, ovarian carcinoma and dysgerminoma[4].

Treatment is usually curative with ovariohysterectomy[5].


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