Sebaceous adenoma

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The typical appearance of multiple sebaceous adenoma[1]

Sebaceous adenoma are an age-related common benign neoplasm of sebaceous (sweat) glands of the canine skin.

These tumors can occur anywhere on the body but are commonly seen over the trunk and head as elevated nodular masses. Multiple concurrent sebaceous adenomas are very common[2].

A variant form is the sebaceous gland epithelioma, distinguished by its lobules which are composed primarily of basal progenitor cells rather than mature sebocytes.

Rare locations include the mammary gland[3] and salivary gland[4].

Diagnosis is commonly achieved by visual identification but histological analysis of tumor post-operatively can assist confirmation.

A differential diagnosis would include mast cell tumor, hepatoid gland carcinoma, sebaceous carcinoma, papillomatosis, sebaceous epithelioma, hemangiopericytoma and trichoepithelioma.

Surgical excision is invariably curative.


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