Trueperella spp

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Trueperella on agar, seen under light microscopy

Trueperella pyogenes (formerly Arcanobacterium pyogenes)[1] are a genus of Gram-positive Actinobacteria, a group of bacteria which has been implicated in a canine cystitis.

These bacteria are normally soil dwelling and infect dogs through commensal activity or via trauma.

This bacterial group need to be distinguished from other Arcanobacterium spp which commonly cause otitis externa in dogs.

T. pyogenes produces a variety of known and putative virulence factors that include pyolysin and factors promoting adhesion to host cells.

Diagnosis is based on culture from infected urine or other fluids and definitive identification requires PCR assays[2].

Resistance of this bacteria to tetracycline and macrolides has been reported.


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