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An active show off with a stunning sable brown coat that any feline would envy, the Burmese is a combination stand up (and roll over) comic and Olympic athlete. The breed is prone to ocular discharge, so supplementing the diet with vitamin C at 100 - 200 mg daily, or an antioxidant formula, is recommended. I've found this helpful in averting potential eye problems and clearing up those that already exist. For continued coat beauty, feed an alternative high quality premium cat food plus a supplement that enhances the Burmese Cat's beautiful coat and protects from allergies. Torula yeast and garlic or brewer's yeast is the perfect healthy treat. There are now two types of Burmese accepted throughout most parts of the cat fancy, to whit; the European Burmese and the US Burmese. This was done in the hope to avoid a lot of the craniofacial issues that can affect the US Burmese lines.

Disease susceptibility

Diabetes mellitus Glaucoma (primary narrow-angle) FIP-associated feline leukocyte antigen DRB-restricted polymorphism
Flat-chested kittens Dilated cardiomyopathy Episodic weakness (Hypokalaemic myopathy)
Neonatal isoerythrolysis Atopy Klinefelter's syndrome (XXY)
Meningoencephalocele Craniofacial defect Coloboma
Hyperlipidemia Congenital vestibular disease