Anopheles spp

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Adult Anopheles spp mosquito

Anopheles spp are a parasitic mosquito found worldwide.

Species of Anopheles which are pathogenic to cattle include:

  • Anopheles arabiensis (Africa)[1]
  • Anopheles sinensis (China)
  • Anopheles minimus (Asia)[2]
  • Anopheles albimanus
  • Anopheles pseudopunctipennis
  • Anopheles punctimacula (South America) [3]

These mosquitoes are primarily a 'worry' to cattle, causing skin rashes, but may also transmit arboviruses such as Rift Valley fever[4] and Tahyna virus[5]. The mosquito has a predilection for moist environments and is commonly found near farms, on fecal material and cow urine[6].

Treatment is relatively effective with most insecticides, although resistance to older chemicals is common. The use of avermectin-based drugs has proven effective at population control of this insect in cattle herds.


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