Chrysomya spp

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Chrysomya spp (f. Calliphoridae) are a parasitic Old World screw-worm fly which causes myiasis and secondary disease in cattle worldwide[1].

Species of Chrysomya which are pathogenic to cattle include:

  • C. bezziana (Africa, Indian, Asia)[2]
  • C. marginalis
  • C. putoria[3]
  • C. megacephala[4]

Chrysomya spp primarily cause myiasis, with females laying egss in open wounds. The larvae are obligate parasites.

All wounds on domestic animals should be properly dressed, and all elective surgical procedures avoided during the fly season.

Chrysomya spp larvae cause intense pruritus.

Topical insecticides such as ivermectin and pyrethrins (eg, cypermethrin or cyfluthrin) help control these parasites[5]. Non-sticky traps and fly attractant are also used to control adult fly populations around cattle herds.


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