Cuterebra spp

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Cuterebra spp bot fly
Cuterebra spp larvae (bots)

Cuterebra spp (cattle botfly) and their associated larvae are parasites that cause significant damage to cattle worldwide.

A female fly may deposit 5-15 eggs/site at a time on the skin of cattle. The eggs hatch and larvae enter the body through the mouth or nares during grooming or, less commonly, through open wounds. After penetration, the larvae migrate to various species-specific subcutaneous locations on the body, where they develop and communicate with the air through a breathing pore[1].

Physical damage to cattle is due to inflammation, edema and damage to the hide. Secondary bacterial infections are sometimes observed. In cattle, the lesions caused by these flies can become infected by Mannheimia granulomatis. Some cattle succumb to such secondary infections.

The bots (larvae) of Cuterebra spp are visible on the coat and cattle often show behavioural changes due to constant biting by this insect.