Eimeria spp

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Eimeria spp, the primary culprit in scours in calves

Eimeria spp are a genus of Apicomplexan parasites that causes coccidiosis in cattle worldwide.

Isospora spp are a related protozoa that cause similar disease in cattle.

This protozoan normally lives in moist environments and is ingested by grazing calves and cattle. Although it is normally found in adult cattle with few clinical signs, numbers of this parasite increase associated with scours in calves and diarrhoea in adult cattle.

The most frequently isolated species in cattle are Eimeria zuernii, E. bovis and E. auburnesis.

Other species which have been recorded include:

  • Eimeria ellipsoidalis
  • Eimeria cylindrica
  • Eimeria subspherica
  • Eimeria canadensis
  • Eimeria alabamensis
  • Eimeria pellita
  • Eimeria brasiliensis
  • Eimeria bukidnonensis[1].


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