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Hypoderma spp larvae protruding from back in a 2-year-old steer

Flies are a worldwide parasite that has significant morbidity in cattle and causes significant economic impact on the cattle industry.

Flies not only cause significant 'worry' to individual cattle, but also transmit diseases.

A number of pathogenic flies in cattle include:

Species Common name Disease
Cordylobia spp Mango fly Myiasis
Cuterebra spp Bot fly Mannheimia spp-induced pneumonia
Cochliomyia spp New World Screw-worm fly Myiasis
Chrysomya spp Old World Screw-worm fly Myiasis
Culicoides spp Biting midge Onchocerca cervicalis, Bluetongue, haemorrhagic syndrome, Akabane, Aino
Dermatobia spp Bot fly Lechiguana
Haematobia spp Buffalo flies Irritation, Chrysomiasis
Hippelates spp Eye gnats Irritation, transmit Pink eye
Hydrotaea spp Head flies Irritation, summer mastitis
Hypoderma spp Warble fly Myiasis
Musca spp Face fly Pink eye, Parafilaria spp
Phlebotomus spp Sand fly Leishmaniosis, Vesicular stomatitis
Physiphora spp Dung fly Irritation
Simulium spp Black fly Onchocerca spp, Vesicular stomatitis
Stomoxys spp Stable fly Irritation, Trypanosoma spp, Anthrax
Tabanus spp Horse fly Mycoplasma spp, Anaplasma spp
Lutzomyia spp Sand fly Vesicular stomatitis, Leishmaniosis
Wohlfahrtia vigil Grey flesh fly Myiasis