Haematobia spp

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Adult Haematobia flies

Haematobia are a parasitic buffalo fly which causes skin disease as well as causing secondary infection by Chrysomya spp screw-worms in cattle in south-east Asia and Australiaworldwide[1].

Species of Haematobia which have been recognized as disease causing in cattle include:

  • H. irritans exigua

Buffalo flies cause 'worry' to cattle and bite wounds may provide secondary screw-worm infestations by Chrysomyia bezziana. No evidence exists to suggest their implication in mechanical spread of diseases such as bovine viral diarrhea[2].

Topical insecticides such as pyrethrins (eg, cypermethrin or cyfluthrin) help control these parasites[3]. They appear relatively resistant to organophosphates[4].

Vaccines are currently being develop against the fly salivary antigens and experimental results are promising[5].


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