Hippelates spp

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Adult Hippelates flies on the leg of a calf

Hippelates are a parasitic haematophagous eye gnat which causes pruritus as well as transmitting diseases in cattle worldwide[1].

Species of Hippelates which have been recognized as disease causing in cattle include:

  • H. pallipes [2]

Eye gnats are very small flies that often hover around the body orifices of calves, yearlings, pregnant heifers, and lactating cows. They feed on lacrimal fluid, fatty body secretions, milk droplets, and on secretions at the tips of the teats of animals.

Hippelates flies also serve as vectors for Trueperella spp (summer mastitis)[3] and Moraxella bovis (pinkeye).

Topical insecticides such as pyrethrins (eg, cypermethrin or cyfluthrin) help control these parasites[4].


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