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Hypotrichosis in a cow
Hypotrichosis in a calf, with normal hair appearing in the ears

Hypotrichosis is an X-linked incompletely dominant genetic skin disease of beef and dairy cattle worldwide[1].

This disease is characterised by partial or complete absence of hair follicles, with or without associated developmental defects such as color dilution[2], congenital hypotrichosis and anodontia (HAD), and congenital hypotrichosis and incisor anodontia (HID)[3][4][5].

Affected cattle show abnormalities in hair follicles, keratinocytes, sweat glands, and teeth. However, a hypo-trichotic Holstein bull has presented with respiratory lesions, suggesting that deficiencies in epithelial mucosal secretions may be associated with this disease[6][7].

Hypotrichosis needs to be distinguished from other diseases which cause alopecia such as ectodermal dysplasia, alopecia areata[8] and ichthyosis[9].


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