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Trichuris spp adult worm

Nematodes (roundworms) are gut-dwelling parasitic roundworms of cattle and include:

Parasite Order Location in cattle Geographical distribution
Bunostomum spp
Pearsonema spp Enoplida urinary bladder, renal pelvis Worldwide
Cooperia spp
Cuterebra spp
Dictyocaulus spp
Dipetalonema spp Filarioidea interstitium Worldwide
Gongylonema spp
Haemonchus spp
Mammomonogamus spp Strongylida nasal, trachea Asia
Mecistocirrus spp
Nematodirus spp
Oesophagostomum spp
Onchocerca spp Spirurida Subcutaneum Worldwide
Ostertagia spp
Parafilaria spp Spirurida Subcutis North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia and South America
Parelaphostrongylus spp Physalopteroidea Spinal cord, brain North America
Strongyloides spp Rhabditida small intestine, lungs South-East Asia
Thelazia spp Thelazioidea connective tissue, eye North America, Asia, India, southern Europe
Trichostrongylus spp
Toxocara spp Ascaridida small intestine, lungs Worldwide
Trichuris spp Trichurioidea small intestine Australia, North and South America
Trichinella spiralis Enoplida skeletal muscle Worldwide