Stomoxys spp

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Adult Stomoxys flies

Stomoxys are a parasitic haematophagous stable fly which causes 'worry' as well as transmitting diseases in cattle worldwide[1].

Species of Stomoxys which have been recognized as disease causing in cattle include:

  • S. calcitrans (Worldwide)[2]
  • S. indicus (Asia)[3]
  • S. sitiens (Asia)
  • S. uruma (Asia)

These biting flies are found normally feeding in organic matter but will feed on cattle, causing 'worry' and pruritus.

Stomoxys flies also mechanical vectors for anthrax, Trypanosoma spp[4], Besnoitia spp[5], Mycoplasma spp[6] and pink eye.

Topical insecticides such as fipronil and pyrethrins (eg, cypermethrin or cyfluthrin) help control these parasites[7].


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