Tabanus spp

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Adult Tabanus horse fly
Adult Tabanus spp horse fly on the teat of a cow

Tabanus spp are an haematophagous parasitic horse fly found on cattle worldwide.

As well as causing 'worry' to cattle, Tabanus also act as vectors for haemoplasmas such as Mycoplasma wenyonii, 'Candidatus M. haemobos, Anaplasma spp and Trypanosoma spp[1].

Species which are known to be pathogenic to cattle include:

  • Tabanus bovinus
  • Tabanus bromius[2]
  • Tabanus fuscicostatus[3]

Treatment is aimed at reducing exposure of cattle to the flies. This can be difficult as most Tabanus are resistant to insecticides.

Fipronil and fenvalerate pour-ons have proven effective[4].


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