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Tilmicosin is a macrolide antibiotic, synthesized from tylosin, for treatment and prevention of pneumonia and leptospirosis in cattle.

This drug has been shown to be effective against bacteria such as Pasteurella spp, Histophilus spp, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Mycoplasma spp and other microorganisms found sensitive to this compound[1].

Recommended dose of the injectable formulation in cattle is a single subcutaneous (SC) injection of 10 mg/kg.

  • Pneumonia - 1 ml per 30 kg body weight (10 mg/kg)
  • Foot rot - 0.5 ml per 30 kg body weight (5 mg/kg)

Exercise extreme caution and take appropriate measures to avoid accidental self-injection, since injection of this drug in humans can be fatal!


  1. Lamm CG et al (2012) Comparison of antemortem antimicrobial treatment regimens to antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of postmortem lung isolates from feedlot cattle with bronchopneumonia. J Vet Diagn Invest 24(2):277-282