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This page gives you more details of how to uploading an image and how to format the image in an article.

Uploading an image

User can embed own images in the article. It's required to follow 3 steps:

1. You need to type following code to your article:
[[Image: example.jpg]]

You can put any file name to replace "example.jpg". After that, click "Save page" button. You will get following:

Upload step1.jpg

As you can see, red link means that the image named "Examples.jpg" does not exist. If you got a blun link, it means that this image has already existed. Therefore, you need to change the file name.

2. If the link is red, you need to click it and get the screen like following:

Upload step2.jpg

You can click "Browser" button to locate the image in your computer. And you also can type somethings described the image in the summary box. After that click "upload file" button.

3. Coming back to your article, the image has been already embedded in your article.

Upload step3.jpg


You can use several formats in the article:

1. frame

In this format, it puts an image into frame with caption. You need to type following code:


You will get:

Image frame.jpg

2. thumb

You need to type following code:


You will get:

Image thumb.jpg

3. right or left

By default setting, both of frame and thumb will put image on right. If you want to put the image on left, you can type following code:

[[Image:Example.jpg|frame|left|caption]] or [[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|left|caption]]

You will get:

Image frame left.jpg


Image thumb left.jpg


You can resize the images in your article. You need to type following code:

[[Image: examples.jpg|thumb|left|200px|caption]]

You will get:

Image thumb left resize.jpg

"200px" is size of image, you can change any size with different number. "left" is optional, you can remove it and you will get the image on right side.

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