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The Basenji breed originated from Zaire, and was once known as the Congo Dog. It is thought that this breed may have originated from a hunting dog that was once used by Congo pygmies. The Basenji was introduced to Europe in the mid 1930s, and was registered with the AKC in 1944.

This breed of dog is intelligent and curious, with a playful and curious disposition.

A handsome and athletically built dog, the Basenji is small in size, and has an eager, alert, and intelligent expression. The coat of the Basenji is smooth and sleek, and the coloring can vary and includes brindle, copper or red, black and brindle, or black and tan, all with white markings. These dogs can sometimes give the impression that they are quite worried about something due to their naturally furrowed brow. The Basenji also has a distinctive white blaze on the face. The height of the Basenji is around 16-17 inches, and the weight is around 20-25 pounds.

The life expectancy of the Basenji is around thirteen years.

Disease predisposition