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The Brittany Spaniel breed originated from a region in northwestern France.

The breed is a popular hunting dog with a medium build and a leggy, hearty stature. They are active, agile, and love to roam.

Their skulls are rounded and medium-length with a comparatively straight muzzle and a pronounced stop. Their noses are dark and vary slightly in color depending on the color of the dog’s coat. Their intelligent eyes are amber or hazel in color and their ears are short, triangular in shape, and hang close to the head. Tails of this breed are docked or naturally short. The fairly short, lightly feathered coat exists in a number of colors including orange and white, liver and white, black and white, liver tri-color, and black tri-color. Some ticking is acceptable in the show ring.

The Brittany Spaniel is a hunting breed that is loving, gentle, and eager to please. They are enthusiastic, independent, and passionate about their work. Highly intelligent, alert, and generally good-natured, the Brittany Spaniel is obedient and easy to handle and train.

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