Cirneco Dell'Etna

From Dog

This is a small,short haired half-sighthound breed from Italy (Sisilia).

The F.C.I. classifies also this breed to the group Walking Dogs.

The structure of the dog is square, the height for dogs 46 to 50 cm, for bitches 42 to 46 cm. The small skull and snout are equally long. The big nose lies in one line with the stright noseback. The colour of the nose depends on the colour of the coat. The lines on the lips and the eyes must be brown, never black. The eyes are deep-set, the colour is amber, ochre or grey.The ears are high-set, three-cornered, pointed and stand straight up. The back is long and stright, the shoulderparts high and rising. The belly is not pulled up. The tail is low set and will be carried as as sabre, when in action over the croupe. The coat is very hard. On the skull, the ears and the legs the coat is very short, on the body and tail longer and smooth.

The colours are plain fawn-colour, fawn-colour with white spots on the head, breast, feet, the point of the tail and belly, plainwhite or white with orange spots. A white collar is not advisable. The movement is a long step with an elastic trot. The character is observant, lively, playful and devoted.

Disease predisposition