Clitoral hypertrophy

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Clitoral hypertrophy in a 7-month-old Pug due to hermaphroditism[1]

Clitoral hypertrophy is a rare gynecological disease of dogs characterized by enlargement of the clitoris.

This condition, which is often accompanied by anestrus, may be associated with hormone-responsive dermatoses, hermaphroditism, transmissible venereal tumors, vaginal prolapse-hyperplasia syndrome, exogenous estrogen therapy, hyperestrogenism, and hyperadrenocorticism. It is not uncommon in female greyhounds as a result of chronic use of anabolic steroids.

A predisposition for androgen-related hypertrophy of the clitoris has been noted in the Pomeranian, Pug, Chow Chow, Poodle, Keeshonden, Boxer and Samoyed.

Treatment of this condition includes removal of the androgen source and/or surgical removal of clitoral tissue when secondary infections predominate[2].


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