Dental disease

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Odontodystrophy characterized by staining due to tetracycline therapy in a dog[1]
Ameloblastoma in a Shih Tzu, successfully removed surgically[4]

Dental diseases

- Squamous cell carcinoma - flattened, ulcerated, usually inside the mouth[6]
- Ameloblastoma - large, polypoid, invasive, usually outgrowing from the mouth[7]
- Melanoma - localized, raise, blackened, usually concealed[8]
- Fibrosarcoma - raised, reddened, usually inside the mouth[9]
- Plasmacytoma - localized circular raised lesions - usually inside the mouth[10]
- Osteosarcoma
- Erythema multiforme and epitheliotropic T-cell lymphoma[11] - usually on the epitheliocutaneous junctions, particularly the commissures of the lips
- Odontogenic
- Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma - inner mouth, aligned with molars[12]
- Odontogenic myxoma[13]
- Lingual
- osteoma - usually involves maxillary or mandibular bone with hard swellings of the tongue, jaw or face[14]
- liposarcoma[15] - usually firm oval mass
- arteriovenous hemangioma[16]
- Salivary gland
- Angiolipoma[17]


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