Dermoid cyst

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An abscessed spinal dermoid sinus in a Rhodesian Ridgeback[1]
Dermoid cyst on the lateral canthus of the palpebral aperture[2]

Dermoid cysts are a benign congenital neural tube defect of skin in dogs.

These cysts are caused by a defect in epidermal closure, which leaves islands of multipotent ectoderm in abnormal locations such as within the central nervous system[3]. They are commonly found in Rhodesian Ridgebacks as an autosomal dominant condition[4], but can occasional be observed in other breeds.

In dogs, these cysts are usually found along the midline, but can be found intracranially[5], as well as on the cornea[6], ocular adnexa, nose[7] and tongue[8]. They may communicate with the skin surface via a sinus pore.

Many are asymptomatic unless they enlarge sufficiently to cause local compressive effects or rupture[9].

They are rarely associated with spinal cord neural deficits but intracranial dermoid cysts invariably result in neurological disease, such as atazia, hemiparesis, seizures and secondary hydrocephalus[10].

Diagnosis is usually based on presenting clinical signs.

A differential diagnosis would include abscess and spina bifida.

Surgical excision is usually curative for cutaneous dermoids, but visceral and intracranial masses may require specialist referral surgery.


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