English Setter

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The English Setter breed was developed in England from French stock.

This dog is a beautiful, elegantly built setter with a slim body and a distinctive speckled coat. They have a deep, narrow chest and an elongated head with a defined frontal stop. The muzzle is approximately half the length of the dog’s head. Their eyes are large in size, hazel in color, and possess a friendly expression. They have a dark nose and comparatively long ears that are pendant-shaped. Their straight tail tapers to a small point. The speckled coat of the English Setter can feature speckles in a variety of different sizes and patterns. The coat is long, flat, silky in texture, and slightly wavy. Coat colors for this breed include white with blue, lemon, brown, or orange speckling. Some English Setter are tri-color (white, blue, and brown). The tail, ears, and legs of this breed are heavily fringed.

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