English Toy Terrier

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The English Toy Terrier breed is a utilitarian English dog.

Physically, this breed stands at 25 - 30 cm at shoulder, and with a weight of 2.7 - 3.6 kg. It should be sleek and cleanly built, of well balanced, elegant and compact appearance with head and legs in proportion.

The head to be long and narrow with a flat skull, fore face tapering gently giving a wedge shaped appearance; nose black, eyes small, dark to black and almond shaped. The ears, described as 'candle flame' shape, set high on the back of the skull and proportionately close together with pointed tips and facing front. The mouth has strong jaws and a perfect scissors bite with teeth level and strong.

The neck should be long, elegant and slightly arched. The topline should be very slightly curving up from behind the shoulder with a well rounded rump, and falling again to the root of tail. Tail to be thick at root tapering to a point not reaching below hock. Chest narrow and deep with well sprung ribs. The front legs should fall straight from the shoulder with fine bone eminently desirable. The hindquarters with a well rounded loin leading to a good turn of stifle with well let down hocks. Feet to be small, neat, compact and well arched.

The coat should be short, thick and shiny. The only allowable colours are black and tan; the black to be ebony with the tan a rich chestnut. Colours must not run or blend into each other but form clear and distinct divisions. The forelegs to be tanned in front to the knee, and with a black mark (thumb mark) on the centre of each pastern; a thin black line up each toe is known as penciling.

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