German Spitz (Mittal)

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The German Spitz breed were bred to be a hunter, herder and watchdog. Over the years, different communities bred different types of Spitz dogs, including Giant German Spitz (for working, herding and guarding) and the Toy German Spitz (for companionship).

Medium-sized, sturdy and fluffy with a slightly rounded, wedge-shaped head, straight muzzle and pointy ears, the German Spitz has a fox-like appearance. It has dark eyes with an alert and outgoing expression. Its coat is rough, profuse and puffy, while its feathered tail curls over the back. The German Spitz comes in many colors, but the most common are gray, orange, off-white, brown and black. Overall, the German Spitz has a proud and lively look.

The German Spitz can live as long as 15 years.

Disease predisposition