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Hyperchloremia in dogs is defined as a serum level of chloride >117 mmol/L.

The opposite condition is hypochloremia.

In dogs, this condition is usually associated with hypernatremia due to excess salt intake[1], dehydration states, metabolic acidosis states[2], diabetes insipidus, diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperaldosteronism, hypothyroidism[3], Fanconi syndrome[4] and Babesia spp infections[5].

In rare cases, it can be due to adipsia (failure to consume water) due to congenital brain malformation (lobar holoprosencephaly) associated with failure of the osmoreceptor system[6], with a predisposition noted in the Miniature Schnauzer[7].

Other more rare causes include central lymphomas[8] and bromide toxicity[9].

Treatment usually requires intravenous fluid therapy, but caution should be exercised to avoid sudden cerebral edema[10].


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