Italian Spinone

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The Italian Spinone dog breed is thought to have originated from a crossing of the wirehaired Italian Pointer with the white Mastiffs, bought into Italy by Greek traders. They are traditionally from the Piedimonte region, in the north of Italy.

The Spinoni are a squarely built dog (equal in height and length), with a heavy bone structure. They have a relaxed trotting gait and are capable of working at a steady pace all day. They are adaptable to any type of ground, but are at their best in woodlands and marshes and are exceptionally strong and avid swimmers.

They are a slow maturing dog, generally reaching maturity around 4 years of age. Their age span ranges from 9 - 15 years. Dogs range from 59- 69 cm in height and weigh 38-40kg. Bitches range from 58-64 cm in height and weigh 28-32 kg. Their colourings are white, white/orange (orange markings or orange tinge), orange roan, brown/white (brown markings) and brown roan. Their tail is usually docked to half length.

Disease predisposition