Japanese tosa

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Developed in 19th century Japan, the Tosa breed (also called the Tosa Inu and the Japanese Mastiff) derived from a cross between the large, Spitz-like Shikoku dogs of Japan and several large European breeds including the Mastiff and the Bulldog.

The Tosa has a large, muscular, Mastiff-like frame covered in a short, dense, red coat (though it can sometimes be found in yellow, black, black & tan, brindle and fawn). Its large, broad head has a square muzzle, small hanging ears, almond-shaped eyes and sometimes a wrinkled brow. The Tosa’s powerful neck has a dewlap. Its strong back leads to a thick, tapered tail than hangs low.

The Tosa can live as long as 12 years.

Disease predisposition