Laryngeal tumors

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A large pedunculated laryngeal rhabdomyoma removed from a dog[1]

Laryngeal neoplasms are an uncommon disease of the canine larynx.

A breed predisposition has been reported in the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever[2]

Forms of laryngeal carcinoma include:

Affected dogs usually present with an inspiratory dyspnea, stridor, voice change (hoarse bark or loss of voice), coughing, exertional dyspnea[7], dysphagia and weight loss[8].

A presumptive diagnosis can be made on presenting clinical history, visualization of a laryngeal mass and ultrasonographic identification of localized tissue involvement[9].

Definitive diagnosis requires tissue sample biopsy and histological identification of neoplasia type.

A differential diagnosis would include laryngeal paralysis and thyroid carcinoma[10].

Treatment usually involves surgical debulking, use of chemotherapy if indicated in rapidly growing tumors and radiation therapy.

Thyroid carcinomas are frequently freely movable tumors that rarely metastasis and can be treated with surgical excision alone[11].


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