MOPP lymphoma protocol

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The MOPP lymphoma protocol is a chemotherapy regimen used for treatment of lymphoma in dogs[1].

MOPP, which is an acronym of mustargen (mechlorethamine), oncovin (vincristine), procarbazine and prednisone, is used as an alternative to the Madison Wisconsin lymphoma protocol.

Day Drug used
0 Mechlorethamine 3.0 mg/m2
Vincristine 0.75 mg/m2
Procarbazine 50 mg/m2 PO SID x 14 days
Prednisolone 30 mg/m2 PO SID × 14 days
7 Mechlorethamine 3.0 mg/m2
Vincristine 0.75 mg/m2

Repeat above course on day 28.

Hematology is usually performed on days 0, 7, 28 etc.


  1. Spugnini EP et al (2011) Lansoprazole as a rescue agent in chemoresistant tumors: a phase I/II study in companion animals with spontaneously occurring tumors. J Transl Med 9:221