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Yellow staining due to tetracycline therapy in a dog[1]
Enamel hypoplasia in an adult dog[1]

Odontodystrophy is a dental disease of pups characterized by enamel hypoplasia and discolored or malformed teeth[2].

This condition, which usually occurs during tooth eruption in dogs, is frequently associated with:

Affected dogs usually present with severe discoloration or pitting of teeth due to enamel dystrophic growth. With pups receiving docycyline therapy, deciduous teeth are usually pitted with yellow lines.

With canine distemper, pups often show signs of partially erupted maxillary canine teeth, oligodontia and enamel and dentin hypoplasia[6].

Diagnosis is usually based on clinical presentation.

Treatment varies with cause, but if only a single tooth is affected, restorative treatment can be performed using dental composites or a metal-alloy jacket crown.


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