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Compound odontoma and secondary dentigerous cyst in a dog[1]

Odontomas are a hamartoma-like benign neoplasm of the canine alveolar bone[2].

These tumors frequently arise from the gingiva and are frequently associated with unerupted teeth in young dogs[3]. They may arise locally or as compounded tumors[4], and may develop unilaterally or bilaterally in mandibular or maxillary bone[5].

Although the majority are benign, their effect as a space occupying lesion can be dramatic and usually present in young dogs as raised, cyst-like hard masses adjacent to or overlaying a tooth[6].

Malignant variants such as ameloblastic fibro-odontomas have been reported, which metastasize to other organs[7].

Diagnosis usually requires tissue sample biopsy and histological examination, which usually reveals a preponderance of mesenchymal tissue resembling dental pulp, odontoblasts, and areas of dentin[8].

A differential diagnosis would include odontodystrophy, ameloblastoma, squamous cell carcinoma, papillomatosis, epulis, bone cysts and melanoma[9].

Surgical extirpation is usually curative, but often required extension surgical curettage. large tumors may require a partial mandibulectomy and surgical reconstruction using bridging plate fixation[10].


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