Parathyroid gland

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Parathyroid adenoma removed from a dog[1]

The canine parathyroid gland is responsible for regulation of calcium and phosphorus levels within the blood.

While the glands are next to the thyroid, they actually have little to nothing in common with the thyroid gland.

Located adjacent to the thyroid glands, there are a total of four parathyroid glands, two on each side of the thyroid.

The parathyroid glands are attached to the surface or are imbedded within the thyroid glands. One parathyroid gland is located on the top pole (end) of the thyroid and the other is located on the bottom pole. Normally these glands are about 2 to 3 mm in diameter and are tan colored.

The glands produce parathyroid hormone which causes the calcium level in the blood to increase[2].

Diseases of the parathyroid:

- Parathyroid hyperplasia
- Parathyroid adenoma
- Parathyroid carcinoma