Spaniel (Clumber)

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An eager, affectionate, and intelligent breed, the Clumber Spaniel is a dog that loves to please his owners and will prove to be a loyal and responsive pet. The Clumber Spaniel is dedicated and friendly, and this breed gets along well with children even though they may not have been brought up with them. The Clumber Spaniel loves to play and can sometimes be quite animated, and even clownish about the way that he acts. The Clumber Spaniel has plenty of stamina and is a dog that likes to get on with his work rather than wasting time messing around.

A dignified and enthusiastic breed, the Clumber Spaniel makes a great family pet, and gets on very well with children as well as with other pets and animals. The Clumber Spaniel will also get along with strangers, but his friendly disposition means that he is not the most effective of watchdogs. These dogs can be reserved and even timid, which means that early socialization is very important. The Clumber Spaniel is an energetic dog when outdoors, but his level of activity indoors tends to be low. Although he is a gentle, innocent, and sweet natured dog, the Clumber Spaniel does tend to have a bit of mischievousness about him, which can be both frustrating yet endearing.


The Clumber Spaniel is a dog of medium size and a chunky and sturdy build. This is a very sweet and innocent looking dog with an adorable expression, and long soft ears that frame his face, making him look even sweeter. The weight of the Clumber Spaniel is around 55-70 pounds for females and around 70-85 pounds for males. The height of the Clumber Spaniel is around 17-18 inches for females and 19-20 inches for males. The Clumber Spaniel had a dense, close and soft coat that is silky to the touch and is feathered on the tail, legs, and belly.

The Clumber Spaniel is a high shedder, which means that he is not ideal for allergy sufferers. You will need to comb and brush his coat around three or four times a week to keep it looking good, and you should also check and lean his ear canals to reduce the chances of infection. You may need to trim some of the hairs when they become stray and straggly.

The Clumber Spaniel has a life expectancy of around 10 years, which is relatively short compared to many other breeds. There are a number of health problems and disorders that are linked to this breed, and this includes cataracts, HD, entropion, ectroption, and spinal problems. Both parents of the Clumber Spaniel should have OFA and CERF certificates.


The Clumber Spaniel originates from Great Britain, and has become known as the 'portly gentleman's shooting dog'. A dignified and easy going breed, these dogs have become favorites amongst the more laid back hunters. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1878.