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Spiclue (left) and normal hair (centre and right) from a Kerry Blue Terrier with spiculosis[1]

Canine spiculosis is a rare congenital skin disease of male Kerry Blue Terriers.

This condition, which involves hyperkeratosis of individual hair follicles results, in development of abnormally thickened hairs.

The disease usually presents at 6 - 12 months of age, with abnormal thickening of the hair bulb, leading to formation of a keratin mass that growths out along the root sheath and forms into a thickened hair-like spicule.

These lesions may form over any part of the body covered with hair but frequently form on the lateral hocks. Although this condition is usually non-pruritic, acral lick dermatitis and acral lick granuloma have been reported.

Most cases have responded to dietary retinoid supplementation such as acitretin or etretinate.


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