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The ticks belong to a class known as Metastigmata and comprise the hard ticks (Ixodidae) and soft ticks (Argasidae), and all are parasitic to mammals at some stage of their life cycle.

Ticks which affect dogs, include:

Tick Sub-class Geographical location
Amblyomma spp Ixodidae North and South America
Dermacentor spp Ixodidae Worldwide
Haemaphysalis spp Ixodidae Worldwide
Hyalomma spp Ixodidae Asia, southern Europe
Ixodes spp Ixodidae Worldwide
Ornithodoros spp Argasidae North and South America
Otobius lagophilus Argasidae North America
Otobius megnini Argasidae Australia, India, South Africa, North and South America
Rhipicephalus spp Ixodidae Worldwide