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The most common draft horse found in France, the Breton comes from Brittany and is ideal for heavy farm and agriculture work.

There are differing opinions as to where the Breton breed originates. One theory dates them back 4 thousand years, brought to Europe by Asian migrators. Another theory is that they were initially bred by Celtic warriers. Either way they are thought to come from the steppe horses ridden by the Celts. Types of Yesterday

By the end of the Middle Ages there were two types of Breton.

  1. Sommier - North Brittany pack horse
  2. Roussin - Finer and more slender stemming from the Mountain Bidet

Today There are 3 Types.

  1. Small Breton Draft (Center Mountain) - Considered the real ancestors of the Brenton Horse with the same general features, only smaller with more of a dished face.
  1. Breton Draft - Heavier with more bulk, compact and muscular.
  1. Postier Breton - Similar in size to the draft, the Postier displays lovely gaits for such a large animal and has a more refined confirmation.