Equine contributors

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Honorary contributors are nominated non-financial users who provide intellectual input within their specialty field. There are three types of honorary contributors:

  • Scientific (Corporate) contributors - non-financial, non-sponsoring companies who contribute intellectual content within their corporate market of veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Scientific (Individual) contributors - individual scientists who monitor and update intellectual content in line with Felipedia's ethics of validity, suitability and waiver of copyright. Scientific contributors hold no legal copyright on any material they have contributed to this site, however, copyrighted material used or cited within this website remains the property of the original author(s).

Should you wish to be an honorary contributor, please email us at sealpoint33@hotmail.com.

  • Technical contributors - technicians who facilitate internet exposure, monitor site changes, update software and veto content deemed inappropriate to the general policies of Felipedia (e.g. advertising, graffiti, inappropriate uploads, malware).