How to navigate around Vetbook

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Vetbook is a complex Wiki designed with 8 sub-directories to contain the individual species of horses, ruminants, dogs, cats, birds, pigs and exotic animals.

This complexity was established in order to distinguish between diseases that are common to many species of animals. For example, diabetes occurs in most carnivores and omnivores. Hence, to search for "diabetes" would be pointless unless a particular species was first designated.

This complexity of sub-directories allows simplicity in the long run.

  • Therefore, it is recommended to enter a particular species subsection before beginning a search for a particular disease.
  • If you ever get lost, click on the "globe" at top left and it will return you to the Vetbook home page, then select the species of relevance listed below the globe
  • For more information on using and contributing articles to Vetbook, go to the Help section.