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Kunekune are a breed of pig developed into its present form in New Zealand, although the breed is of Asian origin as indicated by DNA analysis.

Kunekune pigs are relatively small and highly distinctive, characterized physically by a short-legged, dumpy build, pot tummy, short upturned nose, and a generally fat, roundabout appearance. (The Polynesian word ‘kunekune’ simply means ‘plump’.) A unique feature of the kunekune are the pire pire (tassels) hanging from their lower jaw (about 4 cm long). But not all purebreds have tassels. Their legs are short and their bodies are short and round. The color range includes: Black, black and white, white, gold, tan and brown. Temperment-wise they are delightful, being placid, very friendly, and easy to maintain. They thrive on human company, and are extremely popular as pets.

Kunekunes have an excellent ratio of meat to fat. The nicest pork is that killed before a year old. Kunekunes are considered by many to be nicer eating than the faster grown commercial pig[2].