Mora Romagnola

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Mora Romagnola is a breed of pig from the Ravenna province (Emilia Romagna, Italy); and it is unknown if it was ever exported to other parts of Europe.

The name "Mora" ("blackberry", or "mulberry" or "moor") was adopted in 1942 in reference to its coloring, very dark brown with a coppery hue; sows have a thicker ridge of longer bristles along the back and the skin is dark grey, with a rosy color underside. The young have hair of a fulvous color, which becomes darker as they grow.

There were several varieties at one time; the widespread "Forlivese", the light red "Faentina" and the darker "Riminese". Until mid ’50’s all varieties were crossed with local inbred strains of Large White (the "San Lazzaro" and "Bastianella"); the hybrid offspring was known as "Fumati" (smoky).

Like most old-fashioned breeds, the Mora is quite prone to becoming fat, it is a late developer but it is vigorous and well adapted to outdoor systems of management being an excellent grazer[2].