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Mukota is a breed of pig also known as Rhodesian Indigenous, Zimbabwe Indigenous.

Mukota pigs are believed to have been introduced by the European and Chinese traders between 16 and 1700 AD. There are basically two classes of Mukota pigs. One class is short, fat and has a short snout resembling the Chinese Lard pig, while the other resembles the Windsnyer (Wind cutter) in being long nosed with a razor back. They are however both black in color without any shades or spots. The latter class predominates in Zimbabwe and is also found in some parts of Mozambique and Zambia. There are about 70,000 Mukota pigs in Zimbabwe. The first comprehensive study on indigenous pigs in Zimbabwe was done in 1973 with pigs from an area in the North Eastern part of Zimbabwe called Mukota, hence their name.

The carcass yield is about 30% less than from the exotic Large White. However the meat has exceptional organoleptic properties. It is popularly known to have "sweet" meat in Zimbabwe[2].


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